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Web Design Guide for Roofing Companies

You can’t build a house without a roof, the structure isn’t complete without it. Roofs protect your house from harsh weather and other elements, which means the absence of a roof is equivalent to an unsafe home.

In the same sense, a business in 2019 is incomplete without a website. It protects your business from going south and helps you find new clients for revenue.

A website is where your customers and potential clients find more about your business. In this age, it’s where your reputation lies.

We’re going to teach you 6 things you have to take note of for your roofing business.

  • Unique and appealing

Make your website stand out from the others. First-impressions are more crucial than ever, your audience will decide on whether to avail your business or not through your website’s appearance.

What’s more, your web design plays an important factor as well. It affects user experience, and if they don’t find to their liking, their site engagement stops. In fact, 38% of website visitors hit the close button immediately if they find it unappealing.

 Here’s a pro tip: Don’t use cookie-cutter sites.

Why would you want to use a website template that other 1,500 something businesses use? That’s market suicide right there.

 While there’s nothing wrong with using these templates, it fails to show off your unique branding and style. Dumping you with the rest of the naive marketers.

Generic-looking websites are a no-go for 2010. Showcase your key selling propositions to your audience for them to stay.

  • User-friendly navigation

Your website should be easy to navigate. As soon as your reader is on the site, they’re going look for the info that they came for. If they’re unable to find it, they won’t stick around for so long.

Navigation is self-explanatory, your website should give them a user-friendly experience. Organize your headings accordingly, so your audience knows where to look for what.

  • Give directions

After making navigation easy for your audience, guide them on where they should go next. This could either mean helping them scroll the page down for more information or leading them to another page.

This is crucial for your conversion rates. For example, if your readers check out the service page, and you have no indication of what they should do next to avail your services or where to ask for a quote, it’ll disinterest them.

Spoon-feed your clients with information as they won’t be keen enough to poke for more info. A good website can direct visitors from readers to customers.

  • Mobile-responsive websitetwo persons holding their smartphones

More and more people are using mobile phones for search queries. In other words, they’re looking at your website on their phones rather than on PC.

Matching the website for mobile phone users help you rake in sales. Having a responsive site enables you to adapt to the user’s smartphone without compensating your website’s design.

It creates a user-friendly experience for them and makes your site look more appealing on the phone. Also, it keeps your potential clients engaged in your roofing business, which leads to conversion.

  • Interactive add-onswoman with glasses smiling while using a laptop

Having an appealing website is half the job, keeping visitor engagement is the other half. Use interactive elements to your website to make your audience interested.

In 2019, people are gravitating towards videos and moving animation. Using that data to your advantage gives you a win in marketing. Of course, interactive elements don’t just stop there, you could add quizzes, quote estimate calculators, and slideshows.

This lets people stay on your site longer, sending Google good signals from your site, helping your overall ranking.

  • Show off your projects

You run a roofing business, people want to see the results you can give them. Show them quality roofing, and you’ll get lifelong customers.

The best way you can show off your company’s mad skills is by posting before and after pictures on the website. Use creativity to make it more engaging for your audience.

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Handy Web Design Tips for Lawn Care Businesses

As someone who’s in a niche business industry, specifically in lawn care – you’re reliant on attaining new prospects who want to use your services. If your webpage isn’t generating as much traffic as you want to, that also means that you’re missing out on potential prospects.

If you specialize in providing garden care services, then it’s fair to say that website design isn’t your forte, but that’s completely okay. However, that’s not the case for us. That’s why we’ve put together this page of tips and suggestions that you might find useful.

Hopefully, upon reading this, it can help you further improve your website to enable you to make new leads and gain more prospects, elevating your garden and lawn care business to the top.

Why is Web Design Essential to Your Garden Care Business?

Web DesignWebsite Coding Concept

Up to now, you can easily rely on word of mouth, recommendations, or newspaper ads to spread the word about your business to gain new prospects. 

Those were effective marketing and advertisement back in the day, but not anymore. Since the takeover of the internet, marketing, and advertising strategies have become more and more complicated and advanced.

Technological advancements have made everything convenient. From shopping to obtaining different kinds of services that people need and want. If people can find it on the internet, then they won’t have to go through the trouble of going themselves. 

That’s why it’s very important to have your own website, but not just that, it’s also important that it’s designed properly. Having a website that’s carefully designed can increase the likelihood of you getting more prospects. 

Helpful Web Design Tips That Can Help You in Creating Your Website

person holding a tablet and laptop

If you wish to improve your website or start creating one from scratch, you can use, if not all of these tips to help you create a better website. 

Being Mobile Friendly

Handy Web Design Tips for Lawn Care Businesses 1

More and more individuals have their hands on a smartphone and are utilizing it to access the internet instead of desktops. Because of that sudden influx of mobile users, websites are now designed to be more mobile-friendly.

Websites that aren’t mobile-friendly will immediately deter any visitors from coming back to the site which can lose your prospects and customers. One thing that you can do in designing your website is to make it mobile-friendly.

Less Clutter and Simple Navigation

Handy Web Design Tips for Lawn Care Businesses 2

Take a quick look at your lawn care website and evaluate it yourself. How user-friendly is it? If you find it hard to navigate as a website owner, it’ll be much worse for new visitors. Make information as accessible as possible from your location, pricing, contact information, and services.

If your visitor needs to go through hoops to access information, then that is bad website design. It’s best that you rethink your website design while still in the early stages and make it so that visitors have an easier time navigating your website.

Add Photos of Your Services and Locations Serviced

Handy Web Design Tips for Lawn Care Businesses 3


Having content on your website is essential, but if you only have textual content, then some people may find it boring. Diversify it a bit and add images of gardens that you’ve serviced, as well as your equipment. 

Images if done right can be great web design. It also has the potential to create trust with your visitors and potential prospects as it adds credibility to your business. You can even add images of your staff that are having a great time working.

Make It Easy For Customers and Visitors to Contact You

person holding a phone contact us through email, phone, online

One way of converting any potential customers or visitors is to have your contact information easily accessible on your front page. You can add your landline, telephone, email address, and location –all are essential information so people will know where and how to reach you.

Having a website means more leads, and people are on your website because they like convenience. Make it one step easier for them and make contact information as accessible as possible. This makes calling you for an appointment easier, as well as get their concerned answered immediately.

Have Relevant Content on Your Web Page

Consider writing a weekly blog so your loyal customers and new visitors alike have content to read on. It helps keep them engaged, as well as coming back for more content. It can be any content as long as it’s related to lawn and garden care

If you don’t have any content up your website, visitors may think that you’re not taking your website carefully, and worse, your business. 

Work with Us Today!

If you’re looking for an optimized lawn care website for your business, contact us to work with professionals today! We’re a team of highly experienced web designers specialized to make your website have higher conversion rates. 

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