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How To Increase Referral Traffic And Get More Leads

Web marketers have different goals in mind, but if there’s one common denominator, it’s to increase traffic to their site. While it’s true that the internet provides us with numerous methods on how marketers can generate more traffic to their website, it may not fit for some marketers.

We have search engine optimization, but SEO eats up your time. Pay Per Click Advertising needs you to shell out a huge amount of cash. Ranking your blog post on Google among millions of others is difficult, and social media marketing always had trouble with validating ROI.

Most of the time, web marketers overlook referral traffic as a method of drive traffic to their website for higher search results. Today, we’re going to talk about what’s referral traffic and how you can maximize this method.

Referral Traffic, What Is It Exactly?

People that visit your website that originally came from other sites other than on Google or search engines are called referral traffic.

Referral traffic is also when someone clicks a link on a site or social network and directed to another website or tracking software.

5 Ways You Can Generate More Referral Traffic

Online Directories3d Files and folders in laptop

Taking advantage of online directories can get you referral traffic. However, listing your site to every online directory out there isn’t a smart strategy. You’ll be wasting your resources if you do so. Make a shortlist of all the online directory that’s relevant to your website as they’re your traffic sources.

As soon as you’ve submitted your site the most relevant local directories of your area and niche, find more directories that drive more website traffic. You can find the best referral traffic sources by simply searching on Google.

The top online directories you can find on the result page generates the most traffic. The strategy here is to list your website on these popular directories, so your website can produce quality traffic. What’s more, it delivers SEO juice as well.

Review Websites

Review websites are also an effective way to generate referral traffic. Getting your site featured on these websites is a smart move because the visitors are already looking for your service, and just comparing your business to other services.

Guest Blog Posts

blog cubes on red wooden backgroundGuest blog posts give you a lot of opportunities to have referral traffic to your website. These are commonly identified as external links, author links, and CTAs (call-to-actions).

It’s a big help to have your website featured on a well-known website as you’ll have quality referral traffic to your website.

Exert efforts on websites that are known by the people like the leaders in your niche where you can post a guest blog.

Social Media

Maximize referral traffic by using the leverage of social media. It’s a great way to increase brand awareness to your prospects, social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram boosts traffic.

Presently, being active on social media isn’t just being part of the trend. It’s a smart way to have more traffic, leads, and sales into the business.

When you post something on social media platforms, it gives you an opportunity to get direct traffic to your website. As a plus, it helps your page show up on the first page of Google, which helps with SEO.

Blog Commenting

girl holding a smartphone while writing and reading comments

A lot of web marketers question the impact of blog commenting on SEO. Well, surprise, surprise. It helps with your website’s SEO AND produces referral traffic as well.

One of the biggest influencer in the industry, Neil Patel, states that one of his posts have over 200 comments and have given approximately 4,000 traffic juice to the site. Comments on blogs help, but just ensure you’re not spamming the interweb.

Here are three things you need to be wary of:

Comments should add value

It should add value to the post, no reader wants to see a comment from someone who complains or brags on the comment section. Also, make sure it’s not in the promotional nature, readers don’t like that.

Comment links

Look for blogs that enable links in the comment box. In the first place, you’re after adding traffic to your website, so blog posts that allow comments are your target.

Top of the comments

Ideally, your comment should be the first one on the section box. If it’s the first comment, then the higher chances you have of generating more traffic to your website.

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