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One of the most common questions that contractors ask is that “does social media marketing help contractors?” The answer to this question is YES!

Social media marketing is not limited to just big brands and businesses. Any contractor company can get benefits from it by creating their social media profiles and generating campaigns on them. Why social media marketing is important?

  • 81% of users say that recommendations from social media platforms affect their buying preferences and choices.
  • 90% of youngsters and 77% of adults use social media on a regular basis.
  • Social media platforms are in the second position after the emails as the most effective digital marketing strategy.
  • 71% of consumers take social media referrals seriously to buy any service or item.
  • Social media affects the purchasing decisions of 74% of consumers.

Social media platforms have the potential to generate a relevant number of leads and referrals for your website.

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We help contractors, roofers, floorers, general contractors, home remodeling, and home service businesses get a constant flow of high paying jobs.

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Our Process
Our process for social media marketing for contractors

competitor analysisCompetitor analysis

  • Thorugh market analysis of your industry
  • Finding your current local competitors
  • Analyzing the well-performing content in your industry

social media campaignsCreating organic social media campaigns

  • Finding content that engages well with your audience
  • Posting regularly on social media platforms
  • Monitoring user interactions

social media campaignsPaid social media campaigns

  • Creating a custom target audience
  • Creating images and content for unique social media ads
  • A/B testing on the ad copy

seo trackingTracking social media campaigns

  • Keeping a track of your audience and reach
  • Tracking user engagement
  • Tracking the leads and CTR
  • Keeping a record of ROI on paid ads

managing social media campaigns

Managing paid and organic social campaigns

  • Managing each campaign parameter
  • Monitoring user engagement and interaction
  • Monitoring leads comings from campaigns
  • Getting a new audience base on leading social media platforms

Email marketing

Email marketing strategies

  • Automation
  • Emails for customer retention
  • And much more

Why should you choose social media marketing services for your business?

It might seem to be a waste of money for you if you pay someone else to post on your social media platforms. But the reality is that it takes time, experience and some analysis to post on social media platforms that can improve your brand awareness and engage clients and prospects. How is a custom social media strategy for contractors created?

  • Thorough research of your target
  • Analyzing the target audience
  • Creating custom audiences for paid social media campaigns
  • Focusing on your target location
  • Customized social media posts for each business
  • Implementing basic coding and plugins to enhance social media presence
  • Creating custom images to post on social media platforms
  • Regularly interacting with the target audience, and much more!
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Marketers for contractors can help to set up and optimize your social media campaigns or can even help to improve your existing social campaigns. Our social media management services for contractors include:

Social Media campaign management

Our team can efficiently manage your social media campaigns for all leading social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Linkedin, Houzz and more.

If you implement Facebook advertising for contractor business, you will get more brand recognition, better engagement by using images and videos. Your leads and website visits can also improve.

Houzz is an excellent platform for contractors who want to interact with users who need some contracting work done at their homes. One benefit with Twitter campaigns is that it allows a maximum daily budget and maximum cost per action. YouTube is the second largest search engine. It has a larger audience than any other network.

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Analysis and reporting of social media campaigns

Before starting with the social media marketing strategy, proper tracking is important. With our custom social media analytics tool, you can get some important insights into other brands and businesses. With the help of this insight, you can observe how thee campaigns are other people form your community. With our reports, you can specifically target your market.

Brand monitoring

With the help of some review sites and social network platforms, customers can easily express what they feel about your contractor company. With the help of our brand monitoring tools, you can keep an eye on what people have to think about your business. We keep monitoring over the internet for any new brand mentions for your business on social media, blogs or review sites.

Reputation management

One of the most important marketing strategies is to manage your online reputation. Any negative reviews can be very bad for your search engine ranking. This may also affect the new clients for your business. In order to keep your business ahead of your competitors in the market, it is important that you engage with your customers and manage client reviews.

How can social media improve the SEO for contractor business

If we take Moz ranking factors into consideration, it will be clear that social media does affect the SERP.

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The ranking is influenced by Facebook likes and shares. More likes or shares on social media platforms would not affect you directly, but it shows that your marketing strategy is going in the right direction.

What Makes Us Different

We are more than just an SEO company. Marketers for contractors can be a great online marketing partner for contractor companies. We do marketing for your business as if it is our own company. We first understand your product and services completely and then finalize your marketing strategy.

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