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You are missing out on some great marketing ideas if you are not investing in PPC campaigns. Dedicated marketers understand that the key to getting more leads and customer bookings is to optimize for the first page of SERP.

Consider searching for a relevant keyword related to your business someday. If your website does not appear in the first SERP, you need to up your SEO steps to stay ahead of your competitors and get the leads your competitor is enjoying.

If you want to boost the marketing strategy for your contractor business, you have come to the right place! Marketers for Contractors have an outstanding track record of benefitting our customers from our PPC strategies.

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We help contractors, roofers, floorers, general contractors, home remodeling, and home service businesses get a constant flow of high paying jobs.

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Our Process
Our PPC for Contractors Process

competitor analysisCompetitor analysis

  • Market analysis of your service area
  • Finding the local competitors that currently outrank you
  • Analyzing their keywords, monthly searches, site traffic etc in the local market.

paid adsData-Driven Ads

  • Keyword research to figure out how clients reach for your service
  • Creating high-performance ads samples
  • Testing these sample ads
  • Doing competitor research on ad samples

ppc-iconTracking PPC Campaign

  • Average positon tracking
  • Tracking the CTR (click through rate)
  • Tracking CPC (cost per click)
  • Tracking customers lead, calls and revenue

managing ppcManaging PPC campaign

  • Adjusting campaign bids
  • Keyword search query monitoring
  • Monitoring average position, CPC and CTR
  • Optimising the campaign

our serviceServices other than PPC

  • Optimising landing pages
  • Display advertisement campaigns
  • Remarketing campaigns
  • LinkedIn ads campaigns
  • Paid social media marketing campaigns

Benefits of PPC ads for Contracting Business

Relevance and Visibility

Many contractors rely on traditional marketing strategies, where people might get disturbed by some marketing that is not needed by them. Most of the people avid traditional marketing and go for methods that are free such as radio or TV commercials. PPC is an online marketing strategy that will present your ad to the target users in an interesting way so that they can buy instantly.

Easy to manage and control ROI

Search engine marketing (SEM) comprises of both Pay per click (PPC) and Search engine Optimisation (SEO). Many contractors get confused and choose either of these 2. Comparison between the 2 strategies-

  • PPC shows instant results while SEO takes weeks or months to show results
  • PPC strategies are always 100% under control, whereas there is never some fixed ranking in SEO
  • A live PPC campaign is the best and most accurate keyword tool.
  • The ROI from PPC campaigns is more controllable than SEO campaigns
ppc benefits

We can offer guaranteed PPC setup and management

Our team of expert PPC professionals has many advanced tools and technologies that your competitors might not have. Therefore you can have better insights for your campaign data.

We will track the best keywords that are leading to your call leads. We can adjust the setting of your campaign so that you can emphasize more on these keywords to get even better results.

Whether you have an already existing PPC Campaign or need a new one for your business, we can do it all! For existing campaigns, we first run a PPC audit. We will bring to your notice what changes are needed to improve your PPC performance and ROI.

If you are new to all this, we will first make you understand what PPC is all about and how it can be done or your business.

What Makes Us Different

  • Each of our clients gets a dedicated Account manager that takes care of business SEO and PPC services and serves as a guide.
  • Monthly Reports in detail on all our PPC services to understand where we started and where are we currently
  • A support team that comprises of an analyst, web designer, and a copywriter
  • You can access our PPC tracking software to see the tracking data on your own
why are we different

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