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How to create a simple process to get reviews for your construction or home service company

How to create a simple process to get reviews for your construction or home service company

Reviews for your construction or home service company will built trust and increase sales

Use reviews for your construction or home service company to build trust and credibility as well as testimonials. If you do not have reviews for your construction or home service company nor testimonials, you are losing out on leads who want to feel certain they are making the right decision by hiring you.

Online reviews can be established on social media platforms, industry website like Angie’s and Google. However, testimonials can be in the form of text or videos which are used for your website and marketing materials.

The best way to accomplish this is to create a system to request reviews and testimonials to grow your construction or home service business.

1. Contact all your customers

Create a contact list of all pasts and current customers with all their information. Put together a simple email thanking them for their business and that you need their help. Explain that you are trying to grow your online reputation and would appreciate them taking the time to give you a positive review. Make it simple for them by linking the reviews sites and thank them for their support.

2. Create a system

Your system will be the same concept where you create an email template that you can email automatically as you enter the contact’s information. You can use your Mailchimp, Constant Contact, or whatever email provider you choose. It is event better to set up a full email series with reminders in case your clients missed your first request.

Another idea is to create a postcard with the same information you put in the email including the website they can go on to leave you the review or just write a testimonial the technician can take back with them.

Today with smartphones, it is also easy for your technicians to record quick testimonials of happy clients after a job is completed.

Giving the clients options on how they want to proceed is a great way to make sure they fulfill the task. Also, both ways can be done by your technicians as they leave the job sites. Creating this system will get you constant reviews and testimonials while increasing trust with prospects and increase online ranking.

3. Leverage technology

You can find apps that allow you to update these reviews to your website live. Also, another great app is one that will track your technicians’ location while on a site job and send that information back to the search engine. This will create online tracking which will help you increase your local activity and help you rank in local searches like on Google.

Creating an ongoing system is the best way to get constant reviews for your construction or home service company and testimonials. This will set you apart from the competition and help you rank higher in online searched, therefor increasing lead generating and sales.